Nazilli Alzheimer’s Day Care Center

The center became a designated Alzheimer’s Day Care Center by the Municipality of Nazilli in 2011, making it the first adult day care center in Turkey. Alzheimer’s Center was founded as an integrated interdisciplinary program combining academic, clinical, and research expertise to advance research to minimize the public health burden of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment.
Alzheimer’s Disease Center also aims to reduce the human and economic costs of
Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of knowledge. Under the leadership of our Municipality, the Center’s mission is focused on the conduct of innovative research examining mechanisms, risk factors, prevention, and treatment for unhealthy memory loss with age, including mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and related disorders.
In this center, there are doctors, nurses and our students. Our students who are being
educated in our school, fulfill their internship in this center.
They are not only doing their intern but also they are supporting the patients with their activities which are being performed on the whole day.
In this center , there are lots of activities which helps to cure their cognitive , affective and
pyscho-motor impairments.
These activities are being practised by our students such as cultural activities, handcrafts, songs, drama, sports, competitions and trips