House of Cultural Diversity

Best Practice: Haus der Vielfalt (House of Cultural Diversity)

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The House of Diversity is run by VMDO, an umbrella association of 34 immigrant associations in Dortmund with different cultural backgrounds like Lazi, Zazaki, Turkish, Kurd, Persian, Russian, Greek, Tamil and from Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Nigeria and more. This umbrella association, existing since 2008 and permanently growing is unique, locally as well as on national. The people with different cultural backgrounds decided to pursue the goal to put together their competencies and their experience in order to develop mutual understanding and cultural participation in the Dortmund society. They organize projects for children in the daily child care group KIVI, projects for women as the Mai-Jobcafé, musical education, various professional training courses etc. They also form an important pressure group aiming at local politics and local administration.


Ümit Koşan, Managing Director of VMDO, received our LEMOR group.