Vocational Training Centre in Ruda Śląska

Best Practice: Vocational Training Centre in Ruda Śląska – productive and service activities (Rudzki Zakład Aktywności Zawodowej)


Ther main goal  of this institution is rehabilitation by work.

Vocational Training Centre in Ruda Śląska, which  legal authority is the City of Ruda Śląska, has been established in March, 2011 by fusion of 2 separate Centres – Laundry and Clothing Factory. Its headquarter is located in the area of hospital in Bielszowice, it occupies 2 abutting buildings.

Currently its personnel counts 1 hundred and twenty three people, of which  ninety one are workers with significant or moderate degree of disability.

The laundry has been launched in the end of 2004. Laundry’s Department  provides services on the highest level, including full disinfection and hygienic barrier with usage of agents of high quality.   Washed and mangled  or ironed  laundry is packed in foil.

The laundry is divided into 2 separate parts: dirty one and clean one. All rooms, both parts, changing rooms, bathrooms and kitchen are spacious and deprived of architectural barriers.

All disabled workers are supported by well trained caretakers during their work.

Cooperation of the staff, bridging potential interpersonal barriers give results in both material and social scope.  While doing a job, which is adjusted to their skills and possibilities, people feel appreciated and needed.

The Clothing factory is arranged in a similar way. It has been working since 2009.  The disabled workers are supported here by caretakers any time they need.


Its special assets are 3 electronic embroidery machines, thanks to which everyone can order unlimited pattern.

The disabled employed in this department can learn tailor’s job, including machines operation, techniques and methods used in dressmaking and embroidery.

Vocational Training Centre in Ruda Śląska is a place where economic rules are mixed with social mission, where acquisition of new clients is as important as care about employees. In such a special place the disabled are not perceived for their limits, but their possibilities.

Everyone who uses services of Vocational Training Centre in Ruda Śląska helps increase chances for employment  of new people.

Employees of thiscentre take part in rehabilitation treatment. Each takes 60 minutes and is  led by qualified staff.  Each employee has got their own rehabilitation programme.  The treatment is based on specialist doctors’ recommendations, individually prepared to each patient.The centre is equipped with rehabilitation rooms with equipment of high quality: relax room, gymnastic room, massage and physical therapy room.