Occupational Therapy Workshop UNIKAT in Katowice

Best Practice: Occupational Therapy Workshop UNIKAT in Katowice (Warsztat Terapii Zajęciowej UNIKAT)


Occupational Therapy Workshop UNIKAT is a centre which provides therapy and rehabilitation for the intellectual disabled. The therapy is run in 6 workrooms, there are psychologists, pedagogues and rehabilitation therapists working with participants. In one period of time there are  30 participants – according to decree about occupational therapy workshops one therapist can work with only up to 5 disabled.  The centre has 2 floors – ground floor and 1st floor and is not adapted to the physically disabled. Nevertheless, there are other  5 centres in Katowice of which 2 are for the intellectually disabled, other 2 for the physically disabled and 1 for the mentally disturbed.

In that place there is a computer lab and a laboratory of graphics and art. There is  a graphic (moulding) press for linocut making, it is a really laborious work.  Participants paint, draw with pastels – dry and wet. They prepare greeting cards. Work forms are adjusted to particular participants. The therapists select the best form for each  participant, thus everyone here can work in a different technique.

The most popular laboratory is a pottery laboratory that is located on the 1st floor. The participants  make both big sculptures for exhibitions or contests and small utility forms for fete, trade fairs.

The next one is a laboratory of handicraft, everything connected to fabric, needles and thread.They  observe market trends and adjust work to what is fashionable.

There is also a laboratory of artistic glass.

The last one is a workroom of development supporting. It is destined for little bit weaker people, who need calm and silence. They work in various techniques selected by therapists/ preceptors. There is a specialist of qulling and embossing, great greeting cards are made here.