Best practice – Sozialkaufhaus

The Diakonische Werk pursues four Second hand stores for used clothing and a social department store.


The main purpose is, to occupy jobless people with complicated access to the 1st job market within the scope of job market programmes, as for example working opportunities (“1-euro-job”) in the areas of Sales and housekeeping and to qualify practically. In all stores used clothing is sorted, washed, ironed and sold. The employees learn:

  •  the sorting on high-class signs
  • Treatment of different materials
  • Assessment of the product
  • Creation of the salesroom
  • Presentation of the product
  • Take the money with the cash register
  • Customer talks
  • Contact with complaints
  • Organisation of sales expiries

The personal stabilisation about the employment, the technical qualification, as well as a specific socio-paedagogical company are important parts to be able to provide the participants after the program employment on the general job market.

The employees receive a partial better access to jobs in the sales-area by the practical work-qualification.