LEMOR PROJECT = Glossary of terms for managers and staff of organisations and institutions including schools and colleges in different languages

(Here you find the glossary in italian, turkish, polish, maltese and german language)


Children, Families and individuals living in poverty and experiencing exclusion


In every day life we often use words without having any clear understanding of how they apply to individual , family circumstances and community living. In Europe particularly there are many similarities within each country but there are also some significant differences and approaches to each of the areas defined below.

 By 2020 it has to be a common aim to have a clear shared understanding of what each of these areas means to us all with policies developed to eradicate any differences that may currently be present in our approaches to eradicate poverty and social exclusion

POVERTY – financial, emotional, intellectual.

DEPRIVATION – liberty, freedom, access to human rights, information, food and water, property and land

 EXCLUSION from opportunities to work, to live a normal life within an indigenous community

 DISCRIMINATION – being disadvantaged and unfairly judged on the grounds of one’s age, gender, disability, race, sexual orientation

NEGLECT – allowing suffering by the  failure to provide adequate food, finance, shelter clothing and warmth

 ABUSE –deliberate act of causing harm through verbal, financial, physical, emotional exploitation of another person.

 SELF HARM – Conscious act of inflicting damage to one’s own body by injury or excessive use of drugs, alcohol sometimes leading to death

HOMELESSNESS – having no access to shelter or access to live and sleep on a permanent basis

 BULLYING  – active aggression both verbally , physically or through social media designed to cause harm and distress to another person

 VICTIMISATION – the singling out of an individual or group by placing unfair blame without the means of reply

 ISOLATION – Physical and emotional state of living without day to day means of communication with other people. Usually attributed to where one lives but can also be applied to someone who has sensory impairments i.e visual, auditory