Paragon Limited – our project partner in Malta:

Paragon Europe is an adult education provider organization acting in the area of lifelong learning activities and provides education for adults. In addition, it develops programs and strategies for improving adult education and to make lifelong learning for all.

Following Malta’s accession in the European Union in May 2004, Paragon Europe has been successful in sourcing funds for EU projects submitted under a number of programmes, such as The Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP6), Leonardo da Vinci, Youth, INTERREG III, eContentplus and EuroMed. Paragon Limited specializes in training, research and project management.
As part of its training mission, Paragon has been for the past six years offering the possibility to European students to conduct work placements in Malta. Paragon has assisted students and organizations from all over Europe in diverse sectors.

From 2005 Paragon has hosted more than 1000 interns, adults and professionals in Malta and has also helped Maltese organisations (NGO, local councils) to benefit from EU projects.
Paragon can contribute to the implementation of the project’s goals through a number of eligible activities as requested by the Grundtvig Programme, inter alia, by:
- Organising workshops, seminars and conferences
- Conducting fieldwork and project research
- Enacting performances and/or exhibitions resulting from the project activities
- Providing publications and paper and electronic works
Regarding the project matter, Paragon Europe is collaborating with all NGOs, associations and official institutions for developing social and economical condition of society, and cooperates in developing social responsibility local and international projects for the society in general. For those projects, mostly the institution works with NGOs and official institutions acting in the area of social exclusion and poverty.

Paragon Europe is a partner institution in the project  and will act in accordance with the project aims and cooperate with all partner institutions and countries for achieving the project results. It will organize the activities in the surrounding area and country and support the project with its experience and qualified personnel in its area. For the project Paragon Europe will mobilize and cooperate with organizations working in the area of social exclusion and poverty, and it will provide education for the mentioned NGOs and organizations regarding the project matter.