Nazilli İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü – our project partner in Turkey

Nazilli Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (NIMEM)  is a public body, and governs educational affairs of Nazilli district, and provides formal and non-formal education including the adult education, for more than 160.000 population.

NIMEM is the administrator and coordinator of all formal and informal educational institutions. As for the adult education, all the institutions of adult education and training such as Adult Education Centres, Education Centers for Disabled etc. are governed by the directorate.  Furthermore the institution is always responsible for developing solutions for adults and in close collaboration with all NGOs

Nazilli region is especially a susceptible area to social exclusion and poverty. Firstly more than half of the city population is from outside and migrant, that is, not native of the city.  Poverty and economic reasons are the main reason for this migration. In addition, there are many cultural, social and political differences among the population. Because of its vast institutional structure, the institution is also in close relationship with all parents and families of socially excluded and poor sections of society.

Regarding people with specific needs, all the disabled people are attending to the schools and programs of the institution.  Some mild disabled students are attending formal schools called ‘integrated education’.  It has got a couple of disabled and special education schools in the body of institution, which the severe disabled people attend. There are also many private centers for disabled supervised by the institution. Most of the families/parents of all kinds of disabled are generally poor and socially excluded in some way.

In addition, the institution is also responsible for developing strategies for all for managing social exclusion and poverty. In this project the institution will learn and develop strategies for the project subject and train the concerning organizations and managers with regard to managing social exclusion and poverty.

In the project NIMEM will act as partner institution and will contribute to the project in the project works which have to be done in Netherlands and project requirements in general. Because the institution has got a wide network of stakeholders such as NGOs, official institutions, schools etc. working with socially excluded and poor people, it will organise the project activities with all these stakeholders.