Ruda Śląska

District Labour Office in Ruda Śląska – our partner in Poland

“Powiatowy Urząd Pracy w Rudzie Śląskiej (District Labour Office in Ruda Slaska) is self-government and the labour market organization.

The main activity is supporting the unemployed to get: new job, new qualifications and chance to became an employee. We perform tasks in range of promoting employment, easing effect of joblessness, vocational activation, connecting education and training to the labour market and entrepreneurship in the city. A modern labour office not only is a job placement intermediary between an unemployed person and an employer in the recruitment process, but also undertakes efforts to shape and strengthen the local labour market. Here, in the District Labour Office in Ruda Slaska, we offer a broad range of individualized services to address our clients needs required.

To meet local labour market challenges, the city of Ruda Slaska has implemented an employment and entepreneurship strategy which shows directions for development in the area. We are trying to follow the directions by adopting our activities to the changing labour market situation. Our labour office is identified with nonstandard solutions, gaining additional funds and projects which improve local labour market opportunities.

In the years 2004-2012 we gained additional funds at the amount of PLN 26.800 000 to implement various projects. Their implementation would not be possible if it were not for the intensive cooperation with our key labour market partners, namely the entrepreneurs. The partnership between the District Labour Office in Ruda Slaska and local entepreneurship is a vital factor which determines the effectiveness of actions undertaken in order to promote the development of the labour market and to reduce the unemployment rate in the metropolitan area.

See our website for information on our new projects and enterprises. You can also download a report on research of development trends and possibilities of shaping the spirit of enterprise and entepreneurship in Ruda Slaska.”