PISCESour project partner in the United Kindom:

PISCESwm has been established for 5 years and has adopted a unique role in brokering and initiating programmes of activity in some of the most deprived areas and amongst some of the most excluded groups within the UK.
It has 4 main themes within its developmental work

  • Unlocking the potential of people of all ages for community engagement and employment/enterprise.
  • Development of locally managed and community focused hubs for supporting more vulnerable people.
  • Using Schools as the base for for intergenerational activity and removal of barriers between younger and older people particularly supporting young people who are not currently in formal education, training or employment.
  • Promoting employment and economic engagement for people over 50

It operates in both urban ( i.e Birmingham) and rural(i.e. Herefordshire) areas with a strong emphasis on promoting enterprise based solutions. It works on a philosophy of never doing anything that a partner organisation is better placed to do and therefore seeks to facilitate the activities and achievements of other organisations by involving them in partnership based activity including the identification of funding.

It has developed a portfolio of collaborative work with European partners within different programmes with active encouragement of professional staff and those under training to work alongside them within the UK. It has links with 16 EU Countries and over 20 separate organisations with particularly strong association with colleagues in the Czech republic, Slovenia and Lithuania.

Its Directors, staff and associates all share the same philosophy and many have been associated in other community regeneration programmes over a number of years.
We will be a partner within this project offering colleagues from other EU organisations the opportunity to share and experience activities and services in relation to the project both as hosts to Seminars/Workshops as well as attending events in partner countries