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It is the goal of our organization to promote equality in education and employment for all citizens of Europe and fight any type of discrimi­nation.Our organization is committed to providing better access for migrants and disadvantaged groups to education, counseling and employ­ment.

We campaign for the process of Lifelong Learn­ing in Europe and promote transnational ex­change, mobility, intercultural communication and opening up new life prospects for learners in Europe.

We develop and test innovative teaching methods in adult education in cooperation with European partner organizations. Thus we use mutually the experiences and successes of tested methods of our partners. For exam­ple: participatory video projects as means to strengthen personal and social competences; entrepreneurial approaches to support moti­vation and one’s own initiative.

We promote equal chances for socially disad­vantaged people on the labour market and in society through European exchange projects. To learn from the experience and good prac­tice examples in partner countries we organ­ize visits in educational and counselling pro­jects in areas affected by structural change, in disadvantaged town districts and in migrant communities.

We compare European strategies to improve the access of migrants to education and em­ployment. Questions of funding, the desig­nation and methodical execution of educa­tional offers and projects are here of special interest.

Courses and seminars

  • Series of training programs in the field of migration and integration in national and European context.
  • Intercultural trainings for teachers and multipliers in different areas of education
  • Intercultural trainings for staff members of public institutions.
  • Seminars for the intercultural opening of organizations.
  • Guidance and seminars for the preparation of applications for and realization of European projects.
  • We organize transnational trips for educational staff in order to get to know new approaches in vocational education and to promote vocational exchange of experiences at an European level.

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