Nazilli Public Education Center

Nazilli Public Education Center is a governmental agency regulating the “Life Long Learning Activities” to complete educational shortcomings of the groups of individuals of all ages.
Nazilli Public Education Center is a training center for all ages which provides free services to non-formal education. In this institution people’s education and social needs of conducted field studies to determine, in the training needs can observed, transformed into measurable education goals of education plans in preparation and implementation.


Generally, they have courses about culture, education, professions and youth policies
There are lots of services given by this centre:

  • teaching reading-writing, to provide education opportunities for students to finish incomplete education.
  • improving learners to acquire the concepts and habits of collective living,supporting,helping, working and organizing collectively.
  • teaching people from various professions the knowledge and skills they need to improve themselves.
  • helping people acquire useful hobbies for their free times.
  • providing vocational courses for youths.


In this institution there are vocational courses as hairdressing, clothing, handicrafts, embroidery, silver embroidery, as well as educational courses; reading-writing, elocution, drama, chess, speed-reading techniques, language courses, painting, painting, teaching courses instruments.


ICT courses are one of the most desirable courses applied by adults. They have the structure that can respond to the need of every course.