About the Project

LEMOR is project designed for finding new cross-cultural ways and sharing of good practicelemor_logo_1501s on poverty and social exclusion in EU States, because these problems are among the most relevant on EU agenda. Therefore, organizations from six countries acting in the area of social exclusion and poverty made a partnership in such a way to represent the multi player action.

In addition, it is generally accepted that the institutions,either NGO or official, must see and find solutions to the problems regarding social exclusion and poverty. So the project focused on organizations and managers to deal with the problem. The origins of some social exclusion problems are different in the participating countries due to their history, cultural traditions and political systems. In each country there are many local solutions and good practices, which are unknown to other partners/countries and could be shared.

Considering the above facts, we’ll develop a strategy and brought the partner institutions and managers as learners.  During the implementation, all the partner countries will be visited and the problems, solutions and good practices and possible new strategies will studied. And they will be compiled in different formats for all countries and a training material will be developed. At the end of the project not only a cross-border vision and partnership will be obtained among the partner countries but also managers of partner organizations will upgrade themselves.

As the impacts and products of the project we foresee to produce electronic material, e-booklet, websites, etc., printed material-booklets, reports, pilot practices etc. In each partner country, a series of activities will be held and all the experience and material outputs will be compiled in different formats.

Partnership: Organisations from Turkey, Italy,  Germany, Poland, Malta, UK